So, who am I and what have I been up to all these years and why the flight into the unknown now?


This is me, by the way.  New pixie cut, uh-huh.

And it turns out I am a writer.  Lochdarnock - The Kiss and The Curse, is my first novel (I have written sketches, plays and I was commissioned by a youth theatre to write the 'book' for a musical (Simone et Francois).

I do remember how this current novel came into being.  Before her death at the tender age of sixty seven, my mother (Margaret) had written a novel -A Good Place - about her family 
background.  It needed work she was unable to complete, so I decided some time later to take just one strand of the story
and it developed into LOCHDARNOCK - The Kiss and The Curse which bears no relation to anyone alive or dead but does look at my maternal family background for inspiration and let's face it, those people are (were) quite something.

The story is a total fiction and I have to say I enjoyed writing it.  Exploring the time, the people of the age and the history they lived through was a pleasure.  God, I fell in love with my very humble family over gain and I do so appreciate my humble origins which have, in fact, kept most of us GROUNDED even though we are all a lot safer and surer of ourselves and our futures than those poor souls must have felt back then.